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Liposomal Technology in Beleza Products

What are the Liposomal Technology in Beleza Family Pack?

Beléza Serum contains fensebiome™ and eyeseryl® as part of a proprietary blend that promotes the presence of healthy micro-organisms deep within the skin—an indicator of overall skin health.

Beléza Rejuvenating Cream uses reproage , a powerful peptide that “switches off” the skin’s response to the genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that trigger aging.

Beléza Hydrating Mist uses a proprietary blend containing pollushield to triple protect your skin against pollution, blue-light exposure from your digital devices, and extreme environments.



Better Absorption Rate into Deeper Layers

When you think of Vasayo, just image they are like power capsules of nutrients and active ingredients kept protected until reaching the deepest layers of your skin. 

Greater Chances of Getting the Effects

Due to the multi-layered liposomes by Vasayo, it can hold a great variety of nutrients in our Beléza products.

Superior results

Compare to our competitors which are non-liposomal, their product nutrients cannot penetrate deep enough to be absorbed by the skin, whereas the youth-promoting nutrients of Beléza products deliver solutions from deep within your epidermal layers.


How does Beleza Liposomal Serum helps in our skin?

Just like the painter needs to apply primer to the wall before applying the real paint, Vasayo creates a conducive environment to the skin to receive vitamins and nutrients for best effect. Since the Liposomal Technology is like a nutrient capsule,  it works hand in hand to deliver all the required sustenance at the cellular level. The firmness of the skin will be contantly maintained because it releases the right amount of nutients at the right place and at the right time for repairs. For results of Beleze Serum usage, here are the steps you need to do:

  • Wash the wast throughly and wipe dry gently
  • Apply Beleza Serum evenly on the face and the forehead. Massage gently in circular motion to ensure the serum is applied evenly on every surface
  • Remember to massage gently under the eye area to reduce any dark circles
  • The serum is best applied on every morning and at night


What does Beleza Rejuvenating Cream do?

After applying Beleza Serum, the next step is to apply Beleza Rejuvenating Cream. There are 3 key points this miracle cream do wonders to the skin. We cannot stop ourselves from aging but we can slow down the aging process significantly. Our skin ages due to many reasons like genetics, environmental conditions, and the stressful lifestyle we embraces in this rat race world. Fortunately our miracle rejuvenating cream is the answer. The cream can “Reprograms” the skin to deflect aging triggers. Yes you hear it right. It commands the skin to fight off any aging itch. The second one, it helps to brighten & nourish your skin to make sure it is always firm and supple. The third thing, it prevents wrinkle because of its secret formula blead that enables the dry skin to retain moisture. So when your skin could retain more moisture, the wrinkles will not appear so significantly. Beléza Rejuvenating Cream was formulated with reproage™ peptide and a high-performance blend that directs skin cells to fend off the aging triggers and regenerate as younger skin does for luminous, silky results. To get the supple, no wrinkle skin, you should follow these steps

  • After apply Beléza Serum, use Beléza Rejuvenating Cream to provide intense moisturization while regenerating the skin’s appearance.
  • Apply Beléza Rejuvenating Cream, in your face and forehead by massaging gently to ensure every part of the face and forehead is evenly moisturised.
  • The rejuvenating cream is not only limited to face, it can be applied under the elbow, on the knee and at the heel of the feet to reduce wrinkle appearance.
  • Apply the cream twice a day on the morning and at night. 


What does Beleza Hydrating Mist do?

After we have applied the serum to prepare the skin to receive nutrients, the rejuvenating cream to reduce wrinkle appearance, now we need to hydrate our skin to prevent loss of moisture. Béleza Hydrating Mist has just the thing. It has pollushield a propriety liposomal blend to protect not once, or twice but it gives 3 times the protection to the skin. It protects the skin from polutions from the harsh environment like dust, haze; blue light emitted  from our technology like computer screen, smartphones and at extream conditions like high altitude and intense sun-expose. To achieve best results, light spray Béleza Hydrating Mist on the face and neck in the morning, You can re-apply the hydrating mist everytime throughout the day. No worries, the mists can be applied before or after makeup application.